Mobile App

Contactless Payment

When using the app, you can purchase washes within the app and simply scan the QR code at the pay station to initiate the wash

Mobile App Home Page

Deals and Promo Codes

Monthly deals are emailed out and are listed in the deals section of the app. Check back often for the most up to date specials

Buy Washes

Individual washes are available for purchase within the application. You can also purchase bundles of washes at a discounted rate

Loyalty Rewards

With each purchase within the app, earn rewards that can be redeemed for free washes


Individual washes and bundles are offered for purchase within the application and will be email to the recipient via QR codes. These are great idea's for recent grads, teenager's birthdays, Christmas etc


Refer friends and receive points that qualify you for a free Ultimate Wash

Air Pay

Add your payment information into the app, then use the app to pay for automatic washes use the air pay function

Birthday Wash

Receive a free wash on your birthday