Automatic Wash

Touch free Automatic Wash

The Coleman Hanna Water Wizard 2.0's are the ultimate touch free system.  Instead of using brushes, our machines pair precise chemical application along with oscillating nozzles with high pressure water to remove dirt and grime. 

All touch free washes include an under body wash.


With touch free, you are less likely to have any damaged parts or surface scratches since your vehicle is never touched during the process.   Washing without  brushes means you don't have to worry about scratches, dents, dings, or mirrors being damaged because your vehicle is never touched during the entire process! Additionally, our self-service bays are equipped with soft foaming brushes, so when it's time to scrub your paint will still be intact. 


The Wizard Contour System enables any size vehicle to receive the same high quality wash. The auto height adjustment scans and profiles the vehicle to adjust the height. This advanced system automatically adjusts the wash boom to multiple vehicle heights. With the state of the art contour system, the Water Wizard 2.0 follows the outline of a car, adjusting the wash boom angle and height. 


Our touch free system all use state of the art chemicals provided by Simoniz USA.


Soak-N-Suds uses fresh water, not recycled, and high pressure hot water soap to better penetrate dirt and grime buildup on your vehicle.


Our system require no on premises attendants.  This means our wash is open 24/7


To offer you the most options, washes may be redeemed with Cash, Credit Card, Gift Card,  and the many options we offer with our Mobile App


Ultimate Ceramic $17

Ultimate Wash
Premium Wash
Express Wash

Self Serve

Soak - n-  Suds features two self serve bays for the meticulous do-it-yourself crowd. Our self serve wash bays allows a vertical clearance of 10 feet (120 inches) and an entry width of 12 feet (144 inches) permitting an even wider range of service vehicles and box trucks.

Our Self Serve Wash offers the convenience of coin, credit, debit or the use of our very own Value Card. 

Self Serve Features

Soak-N-Suds has a bill changer in our vending area that exchanges $1, $5 or $10 into quarters

Self Serve

All self serve bay use the best products on the market from Turtle Wax.  Treat your car and bring it in to Soak-n-Suds today.

Self-Serve Benefits

Helpful Suggestions



Soak-N-Suds features 4 vacuum islands, all with high powered vacuum and 2 with combination fragrance/shampoo vacuums.  Always a great value, our vacuums are fast, easy to use and convenient!   Credit Cards are accepted at all vacuums.

Vacuum Options

Wash Club

Coming soon, free vac for club members



Fragrance loaded with three Finishing Fragrances


Spot/Shampoo Vacuum



We offer a wide variety of vending car care products located at the front of the building.  Some offerings include glass cleaner and micro-fiber towels to make your car shine inside and out.