Fleet Vehicles

It’s About Your Business’ Image and Protecting Your Investment.

Washing your vehicles is part of their proper maintenance. Road debris such as dirt and gravel scratch the surface of your vehicle decreasing its curb appeal and the marketability your vehicle provides your business. Washing your car is not seasonal. Salt and corrosive chemicals put on the roads to prevent ice build up corrode your undercarriage and can cause damage. Washing your fleet protects your investment and improves your vehicles marketability.

Convenience: Each of your employees/vehicles can have its own Fleet Card. This card allows them to simply swipe and clean at their convenience. The Cards are “enabled” for on going usage. You will never need to add value to your cards. Whether it is on the way to work, from work, or at lunch, your employee will always find a convenient time to keep their vehicle looking its best and making you money.

Tracking Your Expenses: The best part about our program is that monthly statements and web reports make auditing the usage of your account flexible, timely, and at your convenience. By going to our online website, you can continuously check to see if the activity in your fleet account is as expected during the course of the

Competition can be tough: The better you look the better chance you have of being noticed by potential customers. With your Fleet Card, you will be able to wash your vehicles regularly and affordably. By keeping your fleet looking sharp, your customers will know the quality attention they will receive as your customer. After all, if you are concerned about the appearance of your fleet, think about how much you must care about your customers.

Simply Swipe

Swipe Your Fleet Card: Fleet Customers do not use tokens, cash, or pay in advance like most customers. In fact, unlike most car wash fleet programs available, our Fleet Customers are not required to purchase any minimum number of washes. Our program is designed with the customer in mind. You use our wash when you need to use our wash.

Transaction Reporting: We provide each vehicle or driver in the fleet their own Fleet Card. An employee’s name, ID, or vehicle number can be assigned to each specific card. Each time that card is used to purchase a wash service the transaction is logged in our system. At the end of the month you will receive your detailed transaction report along with your Invoice.

Individual Spending Limits: To help our customers to stay within their established budgets our system allows you to establish spending limits to individual cards or to the entire account.

Fleet Card

Money Costs Money

Why pay before you use? The best part about our program is that you only pay for what you use. Business owners agree-income is important, but cash flows are everything. Why tie up your cash in tokens, when you can be putting your money to important uses elsewhere. Our program keeps more money in your pocket, by invoicing you for what you spent at the end of each month.

Discount: As a Fleet Customer you also receive an additional discount. Discounts will vary and are negotiated based on expected volume. The more vehicles you wash and the price level of the washes you plan to use go into figuring your fleet’s

Tax Deduction! Washing your vehicles enhances your business’s imagine, gets you noticed by customers, and protects your investment. As an added benefit, our invoices and tracking statements provide you with a detailed record of your expenses which you can then use as a tax deduction. This is one benefit not to be forgotten.